At de la Parte & Gilbert, P.A., our attorneys are dedicated to our community’s safety and the rights of individuals. Our Catastrophic Personal Injury attorneys work tirelessly to obtain justice for innocent victims and their families where the conduct of another has caused permanent damage or death. In doing so, we ensure that wrongdoers are held accountable for their actions, so they will not continue their careless and dangerous conduct and our community is a safer place for both your and our families.

Our Catastrophic Personal Injury attorneys are dedicated to help:

Medical Malpractice
Health care is a vital part of your life. At some point all of us have or will seek care and treatment from a health care professional. When you put your life or the life of your loved one into the hands of a medical provider and that medical provider fails to use the level of care that the medical community recognizes as acceptable and appropriate, you or your loved one who has been injured by that conduct has the right to justice. Often this carelessness results from a failure to follow a hospital policy or the failure to follow the standard practice in the medical field. Our attorneys work to ensure that careless and negligent medical providers are held accountable for their actions. By ensuring that medical providers are following reasonable, sound medical practices we help to ensure that you have access to safe and responsible health care. Our team of Catastrophic Injury attorneys has represented numerous patients in cases involving catastrophic injuries such as paralysis, amputation, brain damage and death.

Personal Injury
When you drive down the street, go to a business, or purchase a product, there are risks that someone will fail to exercise reasonable care in, among other things, the operation of their car, in the way they maintain or operate their business, or in the way they manufacture their product. When such careless conduct causes harm to you, you have a right to hold the wrongdoer responsible for their actions. Our Catastrophic Personal Injury attorneys will be your advocate and make sure the wrongdoers are held accountable for their unsafe conduct. Our firm has experience representing, among others, victims of wrongful death, nursing home neglect, auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, slips and falls and defective products.

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