In the Race For Full Compensation, Don’t Disregard The Rules

HCBA Lawyer, Eminent Domain Section, Feb 2011

Vivian Arenas-Battles and Eric Nowak, attorneys at de la Parte & Gilbert, P.A., recently co-authored In The Race For Full Compensation, Don’t Disregard The Rules. The article was published by HCBA Lawyer in its February 2011 issue under the Eminent Domain Section.

The article underscores the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar (“the Rules”) as well as the ethical issues that may arise with regard to advertising attorney services directly to clients, specifically in the area of eminent domain cases. A copy of the full article is available here.

Vivian’s primary practice areas include eminent domain, inverse condemnation, and civil litigation. Eric’s primary area of practice is civil litigation.