de la Parte & Gilbert Instrumental in Water Cooperative Formation

Continuing de la Parte’s long involvement in shaping Florida’s water law and policies, Ed de la Parte and his team were influential facilitating water-related discussions over the past several months among representatives from Polk County cities.

Their efforts contributed to last month’s resolution among the cities creating the Polk County Water Cooperative (“PCWC”). The newly-formed cooperative will be aimed at helping Polk’s local utilities provide water to meet demand for the next 20 years.

Once approved by the various city commissions, Polk County and also the Southwest Florida Water Management District, the PCWC will participate as part of a larger, multi-county effort called the Central Florida Water Cooperative (“CFWI”). Observing that CFWI addresses the needs of other major water users, such as agriculture and power generation, de la Parte noted, “The trip is not over; you’ve just entered the bus.”

Ed de la Parte is a Board Certified State and Federal Government and Administrative Practice Lawyer. He has been with the firm of de la Parte & Gilbert, P.A. for almost forty years and concentrates his practice in the areas of government, administrative, environmental land use, and water law. Ed can be reached at