Automography by David M. Caldevilla© 2008

David Caldevilla is a Board Certified Appellate Lawyer at de la Parte & Gilbert, P.A. However, in his life outside of the law firm, David is a certified car nut. Some of his fondest childhood memories are playing with Hot Wheels, slot cars and Cox model racing cars.

When David turned 15, he drove his father crazy in search of his first car and begging him to buy it.  David explains, “I had my heart set on getting an old Corvette, but they were just too expensive.”  His father would say, “I’m not paying 5,000 bucks for a car that’s 15 years old!”  So, after a couple of years of wearing down his dear old dad, David finally convinced him in 1979 to buy a 1969 Camaro. The body was pretty rusty and full of Bondo, but it was a fast convertible with a lot of potential. David and his father, brothers, and uncle went to work on it for endless weekends. By his high school graduation in 1980, the car was beautifully restored with a new red paint job.

During his teenage years, David also picked up photography as a hobby. Being a “gear head,” David quickly found that cars were one of his most favorite things to photograph. That was about 30 years ago, and he still loves classic cars and photography. David recently bought a digital camera and discovered some funky digital photomanipulation techniques. Naturally, he had to try those techniques out on his car pictures. He calls his artwork “Automotography,” which is short for automotive photography.  You can check out David’s artwork on the internet at