The incredible complexity and competitiveness of business today requires a lot more from a law firm than basic legal competency in meeting its clients’ business transactions needs.

Creativity in business planning and in forecasting, identifying and addressing business problems in advance, negotiating skill and foresight in building deals, and, above all, a strong advocacy for clients’ interests are essential.

With a full service business law practice, our firm provides a broad range of business counseling services for clients. We strive to position our clients to excel in today’s competitive marketplace. For a wide variety of clients, de la Parte & Gilbert acts as general counsel advising on day-to-day business matters and assisting in various commercial, corporate and real estate transactions.

The firm prepares complex agreements in a variety of areas such as real estate, employment matters, leases, financing and Uniform Commercial Code related matters, construction, architectural and engineering matters.

The business law and transactional attorneys at de la Parte & Gilbert have also negotiated and closed a wide range of commercial transactions, including real estate and land development transactions, bond financings, commercial loan transactions, joint ventures, intellectual property related transactions and other complex matters.

Further, we assist clients in all aspects of corporate practice, including creating corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, LLC’s and other types of business organizations and counseling in the areas of corporate compliance, policy preparation and risk management.

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