At de la Parte & Gilbert, our litigators have significant experience at both the trial court and appellate court levels. This is important because as your case moves forward in the trial court, your chance of winning or losing a future appeal is already taking shape.

Regardless of whether you win or lose at the end of the trial process, and regardless of how long that takes, there may be an appeal in your future. If you win your case at trial, your opponent may decide to appeal. Or, if you have lost your case at trial, you may want to appeal to a higher court. As another example, your trial judge may decide an issue during a pre-trial phase of your case that should be immediately appealed before the case goes to trial. In these situations, you should make sure that your case has been properly postured in the trial court for a possible appeal by you or your opponent. Therefore, in a high-stakes lawsuit, it is usually a good idea to include a seasoned appellate lawyer on your trial team.

Our appellate practice division is led by a Board Certified appellate lawyer with over 25 years of experience handling highly complex cases at both the trial and appellate levels. Our appellate lawyers have handled many diverse types of lawsuits, including disputes involving commercial, business, malpractice, personal injury, environmental, real property, eminent domain, professional licensure, consumer, and fraud matters, to name a few examples. Moreover, we have litigated in administrative tribunals, arbitration forums, state courts and federal courts, and served as counsel in many precedent setting appellate decisions.

Our appellate lawyers often work with trial lawyers to make sure that the proper steps are taken in order to seek justice in the appellate courts. We are also often hired by other law firms to work as co-counsel to prepare important motions, to participate in hearings and trials, and to argue dispositive issues in the trial court, so that the client's position is preserved for any future appeal.

Besides working with trial lawyers, our appellate lawyers are often hired to handle an appeal after the trial lawyer's work is done. So, whether you have an important case that is being litigated at the trial level, or whether you need to appeal or whether your opponent has filed an appeal, the appellate lawyers at de la Parte & Gilbert are ready to help you.

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